Former XSET COO launches M80 with talented VALORANT squad

The new team is here.

XSET co-founder Marco Mereu has launched a new organization dubbed M80, which will enter the VALORANT Challengers league next year, the team announced today. 

The organization has signed multiple VALORANT players from former prominent teams in the North American region. 

Former NRG player Daniel eeiu Vucenovic has joined the team alongside former Version1 in-game leader Alexander Zander Dituri. The rest of the squad is completed by former Ghost Gaming players Mohamed johnqt Amine Ouarid, Gianfranco koalanoob Potestio, and Marc-Andre NiSMO Tayar, as first reported by Dot Esports on Nov. 18. 

M80 rocks the slogan all roads lead to ascension, which is a reference to the new tournament organized by Riot Games. The circuit will act as the respective regional qualifier for each of the three international leagues. 

M80 will compete in Challengers to try to earn a spot in the Ascension circuit, which will feature the best teams from South America and Latin America, since M80 is set to compete in the North America Challengers circuit. 

The roster will be one of the most prominent in the region alongside teams such as The Guard and TSM. Fans can check out the team next year when they come up against the best teams from the tier-two circuit. 

XSET was one of the many organizations that failed to secure a partnership with Riot to compete in the Americas international league, despite outperforming some of the other teams that earned a slot. Mereu later announced his departure from the company on Nov. 4.

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