Former World Champion joins the PCS for the 2023 season

The league is getting all the more exciting.

After spending most of his career on one team, a world-champion jungler is making his return to the Pacific Championship Series (PCS).

While major region teams’ rosters are locked in throughout the spring splits, PSG Talon found a way to pick up one of the best talents available on the market. Former EDward Gaming player and 2021 world champion jungler Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia has officially joined PSG Talon and will be part of the team competing in the PCS this season. The transfer was confirmed on social media on Feb. 16.

Junjia will be the sixth man of the PSG Talon lineup, which is currently formed by top laner Azhi, jungler Husha, mid laner ubao, ADC Wako, and support Woody.

After a disappointing season last year which saw PSG Talon failing to qualify for Worlds 2022, the team completely revamped its roster with domestic talents. The team is currently third in the standings with a 4-2 record, one win away from the top two of CTBC Flying Oyster and Frank Esports.

Junjia started his professional career back in 2018 on SuperEsports, before joining EDG as a substitute jungler a year later. Unfortunately for him, he never had the chance to prove himself, as he always found himself sharing a spot with the starting jungler Jiejie. Even on his short stint on Rare Atom, Junjia was unable to be on the starting roster.

Junjia is known for being a great solo queue menace, having reached rank 1 on both the Korean and European ladder in 2021. That said, he was never given a chance to prove his worth on stage.

On the PSG Talon roster, he’s technically going to be sharing the jungle spot again. That said, the chances of seeing him play competitively should be much higher this year.

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