Former TSM player dominates VALORANT Challengers last chance qualifier with top performance

The Nation had a star.

The highest-rated VALORANT player during the North American Challengers last chance qualifier had a point to prove.

Just weeks after former TSM player Daniel Rossy Abedrabbo was released by the organization, he set his sights on competing in Challengers with his free agent team The Nation. Despite failing to qualify, Rossy was the highest-rated player in the tournament from the round of 32 onwards, according to

Rossy achieved a 1.29 rating with an average combat score of 253.7, according to the data. Rossy was the initiator player on The Nation while former TSM player Matthew WARDELL Yu was on the duelist responsibility. 

The Challengers last chance qualifier, which concluded on Jan. 22, saw OREsports and Squirtle Squad qualify for the first split of Challengers alongside 10 other teams from North America. Rossys team, The Nation, finished in the top six following defeats to both Squirtle Squad and eventual third-place finishers Soniqs. 

Other initiator or flex players shined during the tournament including Kitten Shelter player Dark3est, who finished the tournament with a 1.22 rating. 

While Rossy failed to secure qualification for Challengers, earlier today he posted on social media that he is no longer searching for a team. 

While its unclear if we will see Rossy in Challengers, the 19-year-old has displayed his talents at the tier-two level once more, even with a few weeks of practice with The Nation.

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