Former TI champion thinks next Dota 2 patch is the perfect time for Valve to finally ‘fix’ offlane role

And he has an idea of how to do it.

TI winner Collapse has been back to his best in the Lima Major so far, helping Team Spirit nab third spot in Group A on the second day of groups, but hes had to go against the grain. Thats because hes not a fan of the metaat least, not in terms of how offlane is playedand he let that be known during a post-series interview on Feb. 23.

Rather than being able to solo carry the game like he did so many times in the past on his signature hero, Magnus, he said the offlane role has become fully team-oriented in the sense that you need to buy team items that provide auras first rather than an early Blink Dagger.

He feels the meta is extremely teamplay oriented, which hes fine with and has adapted to, but he wants Valve to revert the offlane role back to how it used to beand he thinks the way to do it is by making items that provide auras less appealing.

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Valve really needs to fix these team items that provide auras, he said. In the offlane, you should be someone who either wins the game like carry, or buys active team-oriented items, which require you to actually do something and press buttons, like Force Staff, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Blink Dagger, all that.

In his view, the easiest way to make it happen is by buffing some or all of the items he listed rather than nerfing others that provide those team auras, but it sounds like he wouldn’t be against the latter, either.

Since the patch isnt dropping until after the Major, Collapse believes the meta wont change much until then. According to the Dota 2 star, ranged carries like Lina, Natures Prophet, and Sniper are going to keep dominating, while late-game melee carries like Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer wont be picked often.

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