Former soccer star Ronaldo secures a multikill in Warzone

Some may say he's a phenomenon in video games as well.

Two-time FIFA World Cup champion with Brazil and three-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldo Názario has shown the world that he’s not only good with his feet but also with a controller in his hands.

The former soccer star hung up his boots in 2011 and since then has worked as a soccer commentator on TV, invested in clubs, and has been streaming on Twitch since Nov. 25. The “Phenomenon” was streaming Call of Duty: Warzone on Nov. 29 and found himself in a pretty dire situation with one of his teammates. They were in a house surrounded by an enemy squad outside.

One of the enemies took the initiative and opened the door, shutting down Ronaldo’s teammate with ease. The other squad had every advantage in the world, but the Brazilian handled the situation to perfection. He took all of them down, displaying good movement and crisp aim. And on top of that, he had enough time to revive his teammate. Ronaldo was so concentrated that he only cracked a smile after his partner started celebrating his play.

For now, Call of Duty: Warzone seems to be Ronaldo’s favorite game, having streamed 16 hours of it already, according to SullyGnome. So far, he’s invited gaming personalities such as Warzone pro NinexT and streamer Gaules to play with him during his streams.

Ronaldo’s Twitch channel has amassed over 150,000 followers within a week and he’s expectedly become a sensation to Brazilian viewers, who are enjoying getting to see one of their beloved soccer players try his hand at being a content creator.

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