Former Overwatch coach gives tip for ranking up as Lifeweaver on the competitive ladder

You've got to know when to shoot your shot.

Overwatch 2 players largely consider the games latest hero to be among the more underpowered support heroes on the games roster, but because of his newness, many are still attempting to rank up with him on the competitive ladder.

Atlanta Reign content creator and Overwatch coach Nathan “Natter” Pitchaikani doesnt necessarily think that Lifeweaver is the best option for grinding competitive mode, but for players that do, he posted a clutch tip that can make sure players maximize their productivity on the hero.

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Discussing healing optimization, Natter explained a technique in a video posted to Twitter on May 15 that can help make sure you minimize the need to reload your Healing Blossom as Lifeweaver. When youre looking to sort of optimize heals and damage, you want to be thinking about the auto-reload function that Lifeweaver provides, he said.

The feature makes it so that when players use one of Lifeweaver’s weapons for 2.5 seconds, the other weapon will automatically reload. This can be especially critical with Lifeweavers Healing Blossom because of its natural 1.5-second reload time. While both weapons have the same reload time, healing allies is Lifeweavers primary function, and 1.5 seconds without healing can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

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According to Natter, it’s important for a Lifeweaver to identify when a healing target is stabilized. Once your allies are healed up or are behind cover and safe, you can swap to doing damage for a few seconds to top off your Healing Blossom ammo.

Especially in longer fights, using this feature can keep a Lifeweaver from needing to naturally reload their Healing Blossom, which could lead to some concerning situations for your teams overall healing throughput. It also emphasizes both healing allies and damaging enemies, meaning Lifeweaver can have the most impact possible in a fight.

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