Former League pro Imaqtpie pulls off 1-vs-5 VALORANT ace

Imaqtpie is just as good in VALORANT.

Popular streamer and former League of Legends pro Imaqtpie managed to secure an impressive six-kill ace while clutching a one-vs-five situation in VALORANT

Normally, an ace means a player kills all five players on an opposing team. This is an incredible feat on its own, but there are ways to secure even more kills. An enemy Sage can revive their teammate, giving you a chance to kill them twice, adding another kill to your ace. This is what happened with imaqtpie found himself outnumbered on B site on Split, but he still managed to walk away unscathed.

Imaqtpie killed an enemy Reyna as the opposing team took the site, but the enemy Sage revived the player. Imaqtpies final teammate was also killed, leaving the streamer in a perilous one-vs-five scenario. He managed to kill one enemy before retreating to CT and killing two more players peeking. He carefully checked Rafters to find a fourth kill and lured the final enemy out by tapping the Spike. Imaqtpie successfully predicted the last players position, securing his six-kill ace and winning the round. 

There are a few other ways you can get six kills in one round to mimic this impressive play. Killing Phoenix while hes using his ultimate technically counts as another kill, and killing KAY/O again if a teammate revives him during his ultimate also adds an extra kill. While they arent technically brought back to life, it is still another kill on the kill feed and makes you look even cooler. 

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