Former LCS interviewer set to make grand return to broadcast in guest appearance

She always keeps us on our toes.

A face many League of Legends fans have long associated with the LCS will be returning to the broadcast later this week, likely bringing with her the humorous and spontaneous antics that have made her so popular.

Former LCS interviewer and one of the newest members of FlyQuest as a content creator, Ovilee May, will be returning to the stage where she began to amass her large following as a special guest to start off week five of the 2023 Spring Split. This will be the first time in nearly three years that May has been featured on the LCS broadcast after departing the team at the start of the pandemic.

May joins the lineup of multiple content creators who have been featured on the LCS broadcast in recent weeks, including QTCinderella, Bwipo, and CouRage. While it currently isnt clear what May has in store for fans, shell likely interact closely with her friends on the analyst and casting desks, as well as potentially returning to her nearly three-year-long post as an interviewer for the day.

Since departing the LCS, May has continued to bolster her passion for League on her own streams and through hosting various tournaments, as well as spending time alongside the revamped G4 network and its programming.

FlyQuest announced late last month that May was joining the organization as a content creator, where she has continued to stream and produce various types of contentincluding a FlyQuest hype video for the team’s inclusion in the Spring Split alongside former LCS host, James Dash Patterson.

The Content Queen will be joining the LCS broadcast in some capacity this Thursday, Feb. 23. The LCS has not yet provided any information as to whether other special guests are expected to be featured this week.

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