Former C9 White players could face off in final single-elimination round of first NA VALORANT Challengers open qualifier

An early meeting for former teammates turned foes.

After a dynasty disbanded, its former members have a chance to face each other in a match that would close out the first day of the NA VALORANT Challengers open qualifier and potentially establish a bitter Game Changers rivalry built on a cost spot at Ascension.

The bracket for the single-elimination portion of the first NA VALORANT Challengers open qualifier has been released by Battlefy and Knights Arena, and two teams each featuring two former Cloud9 White stars are on a potential collision course in the final single-elimination round, as first noticed by Reddit user detectiveluis.

Screengrab via Battlefy

Melanie meL Campone and Alexis Guarrasi are both competing on the “NeverDone” roster along with the rest of the players that will make up the 2023 Version1 roster. On the other side of their portion of the bracket is “riribunobsumi,” which consists of former C9 White teammates Bob Tran and Katja katsumi Pfahnl, along with the rest of the reported 2023 XSET Purple roster.

If both teams win their first two best-of-three series, then the two teams will face off in a decisive best-of-three with so much on the line. The winner will move on to the top 32 double-elimination portion of the bracket, with four NA Challengers League spots up for grabs. The loser will be eliminated from this qualifier altogether and will have to put their hopes for Challengers and possibly Ascension on a second “last chance” qualifier next week with only two Challengers League spots on the line.

The ex-C9 White players accomplished so much together, carrying the torch for the NA Game Changers scene for two years while also sporting the crown, winning all six NA Game Changers tournaments between 2021 and 2022. They were stunningly eliminated by Shopify Rebellion at the Game Changers Championship 2022 and disbanded weeks later.

The opening set of the first NA VALORANT Challengers open qualifier matches begins at 5pm CT today but will not be broadcast.

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