Forget endless farming, WoW devs plan to make almost everything account-wide

Good news!

Since the dawn of World of Warcraft, reputations and achievements have been tied to your characters and not your account. But, Blizzard Entertainment plans on removing almost all barriers and making almost everything account wide.

During an interview with European content creators on April 26, game director Ion Hazzikostas revealed that the WoW team is looking to make reputations and other similar features account-wide in the future. 

Ion admitted they have been hearing a lot of player feedback on account-wide reputations, and although the WoW team is definitely figuring out the ways to successfully implement this in the game, they are generally moving in a direction to make almost everything account-wide. It is, however, easier to make newer features like Dragonriding account-wide as most older reputations have hooks to things on a character level rather than an account-wide level.

Unlike previous expansions where everything was tied to the character on which you completed a quest or obtained an achievement, Dragonflight is, by far, the most alt-friendly expansion ever, as all Dragonriding talents, skills and customizations, world quests, and progress are account-wide. Still, you have to grind reputations, or Renown, separately, and repeating the same grind can be rather daunting. 

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Unfortunately, the game director didnt mention any specific dates or anything similar that would hint at when this will exactly roll out on live servers. Nonetheless, Patch 10.1 is coming out on May 2 and season two is starting on May 9, so they will surely keep you busy until the WoW team makes pretty much everything account-wide.

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