For perhaps the first time, Doublelift actually thinks another LCS ADC is better than him

The veteran acknowledged a new player is in town.

On Feb. 10, League of Legends fans witnessed a clash between bot lane titansDoublelift and Prince, as 100 Thieves and FlyQuest faced off against each other. It was FlyQuest who triumphed, with Princes Kaisa securing the spotlight with 11 kills to his name. Even Doublelift praised his opponents performance and acknowledged Prince is currently better than him.

In an interview with Travis Gafford following the game, Prince admitted Doublelift is his idol, even going as far as saying he would never have played professionally if it wasnt for the NA veteran. 11 years ago, I watched his [Doublelifts] montage in Korea, so I start [playing] ADC. I was a top laner before, Prince said.

Doublelift also claimed Prince is currently the best ADC in the LCS. He is the best. It is amazing to be able to play and practice against him, Doublelift said. Every time we play we learn and improve a lot. I am excited to play against him next time. The duo had a wholesome moment too, as they exchanged their signed jerseys with each other.

While reacting to this interview later on his Twitch channel, Doublelift expressed he was too emotional at that time and didn’t know what to say. I froze up. I think honestly he is better than me and it is crazy that he is my fan, Doublelift said. It was a wholesome moment and it made me a fan of his too.

When it comes to being humble players, Doublelifts name rarely comes to any League fan’s mind. He has always been blunt about the game and the people surrounding it, even facing backlash at times due to his unapologetic and direct comments. Hence many North American fans were surprised to find him humbly accepting of Princes better form in the bottom lane. 

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