Footstep audio is now 75% louder in Modern Warfare 2

No need to increase your headset volume after the patch.

Footstep audio in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has allegedly increased by 75 percent, according to one YouTuber.

Call of Duty players have complained about footstep volume across the last few titles but MW2 has had some of the loudest footsteps in the last few years. The ability to hear enemy footsteps for miles away allows players to sit and camp out in spots throughout the map instead of playing for intel. When footsteps are audible it drives the incentive down for running around the map and benefits those who would rather sit and wait for an enemy to run into their crosshair.

The first season of MW2 was released on Nov. 16 and was supposed to address the footstep audio directly according to the pre-launch patch notes. Improvements to footsteps audio were something that the community was hoping for, but instead of improvements, Infinity Ward has allegedly increased the volume by an absurd amount. One YouTuber by the name of Xclusive Ace took to Twitter to inform users that footsteps have increased by close to 75 percent.

Xclusive Ace did a sound test on the footsteps before the patch went live and did the same test when the patch had been pushed to live servers and saw a large uptick in volume between the two clips.

The first clip shows how loud the footsteps are when sprinting post-patch which shows that while they are still audible they are not as long as the surroundings. On the post-patch sprinting clip, however, the volume has clearly gotten louder with higher peaks and longer duration. Infinity Ward has not addressed the footstep issues since the patch was released for MW2 and does not have footsteps listed on their public Trello board either.

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