Focus departs Brame after second stint with European Dota 2 roster

"Struck down in my prime!"

Brames position one player, Tasos Focus Michailidis, announced his departure from the team earlier today. The departure marks the end of Focus second stint with the team, as the player initially joined the organization in 2020. After a year, he stepped down from the team, and Dmitry Nefrit Tarasich was added to the roster.

Focus returned, replacing Nefrit, only four months after his first departure.

Focus second run with Brame kicked off in the first division of the Western European DPC. Despite not finding their form in the season, the squad managed to get into a spot where they could potentially avoid relegation. Brames season finale featured a tiebreaker match versus Entity, which they went on to lose.

Despite relating to the second division, Brame didnt go through with any roster changes. Brame has currently played three series in the second division and has a record of one win and two losses. Considering all of their losses were three-game series, Brame could technically be a contender for the top two spots if ITB and Nigma lose their form.

No details were shared with the public regarding Focus departure from the team, and Brame is planning to play their match against Nigma with a stand-in. With the International qualifiers on the horizon, the stand-in could end up being Brames newest member. 

While Brame will still have a chance to make it to the International, the departure could be the end of the road for Focus chances of making it to TI this season, as hell need to find himself a spot in a team that currently competes in the DPC.

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