Fnatic’s coach ‘not allowed on stage in America’ for Worlds 2022 main event

The head coach will be communicating online with the team.

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Fnatic’s League of Legends division is now facing some visa issues.

The team’s head coach, Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi, announced on Twitter today that he’s “not allowed on stage in America.” But not all hope is lost for the squad since he “will be in communication with the players before and during draft.”

The main reason behind that seems to be visa issues, as YamatoCannon explains. “My VISA was griefed,” he added in another tweet.

Fnatic have been overloaded with different issues during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. During the play-in stage, they had to use substitute support, Rhuckz, due to Hylissang’s positive COVID-19 tests at home, which delayed his arrival in Mexico City up until the second day of play-ins. Moreover, Upset’s appearance at the event wasn’t guaranteed since the player also failed to return a negative test prior to the tournament and substitute ADC Bean traveled to Mexico with the main team as a backup.

At time of writing, Fnatic’s first match against Cloud9 in the Worlds 2022 main event group stage is just under two hours away, starting at 4pm CT. It remains unknown whether YamatoCannon will be able to fix his visa issues in time for the remaining group stage matches. The team will play T1 and EDward Gaming on Saturday, Oct. 8, and Sunday, Oct. 9, respectively, while the second set of matches is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 13.

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