Fnatic’s academy team manager seemingly confirms LEC squad’s new top laner

This would be the player's first foray into the LEC.

A major shift to Fnatics LEC team may have been confirmed and it already has massive implications in regard to the teams trajectory for the upcoming 2023 Spring Split.

During yesterdays episode of the talk show Discutiendo tranquilamente, Fnatic TQs team manager, Carlos Axineas Pérez, revealed during a phone call with the hosts that Óscar Oscarinin Muñoz Jiménez seems to be stepping up from the Superliga into the LEC for the upcoming Spring Split. While Fnatic has not yet confirmed this roster change, this would coincide with reports regarding the immediate future of the team.

They have confirmed to me that Oscar[inin] is ready to go up [to the main roster] and that he will be doing so, Axineas said to the hosts, explaining that he was worried about their best player leaving the academy team. There will probably be [an official announcement] this weekend.

Oscarinin has been Fnatic TQs top laner within the Superliga for over a year and was a crucial part of the teams Spring Playoffs victory during his first split with them. The 19-year-old player has competed throughout Spain for the past five years alongside a variety of rosters, though this would be the first time in which he’s competed directly within the LEC.

Should this roster change become official, Oscarinin would be taking the place of current Fnatic top laner Wunder. It is unclear where Wunder would be playing after this change, though it is possible he could take Oscarinins spot on Fnatic TQ.

For the first time in the organizations history within the LEC, Fnatic failed to venture out of the regular Winter Split season and did not qualify for the group stage and, in turn, the playoffs. Fans were left speculating what changes would come to the team following their performance, ultimately leading to the rise of rumors surrounding the future of top laner Wunder and other members of the team as well.

Fnatic has not yet confirmed this roster change or any others that have been reported within the past week. Dot Esports has reached out to Fnatic TQ for comment.

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