Fnatic ditches Dota 2 ‘temporarily’ after rapid DPC decline

Abort the mission.

The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit proved itself to be a difficult one for some of the most notable organizations within the scene. With the first tour coming to an end, Fnatics stacked roster, consisting of Gabbi, Armel, kpii, DJ, and Jaunuel, found itself in the second division, causing the organization to temporarily abandon the Dota 2 scene.

Considering the organization participated in The International 2022 just a few months ago, a relegation wasn’t in the cards.

Despite attending TI11, Fnatics run through the event was less than ideal as they finished the tournament tied for 13th place. Shortly after the tournament, the organization bolstered its ranks with legendary players from the region, but nothing went according to the plan.

Fnatics latest iteration didn’t win a single series until the last day of SEA DPC tour one, a shocking performance since two fresh rosters, Execration and Geek Slate, were taking over the region.

While more than a handful of organizations have dipped their toes into Dota 2 over the years, Fnatic has been around since its early days. The organization picked up their first Dota 2 roster in 2011, and this is the first time that they’ve decided to walk away from the scene.

Fnatics tweet highlights the sustainability of their Dota 2 roster, and the official announcement by the organization makes it sound like they might be out for the entirety of the 2023 DPC season. This can quickly change if Fnatic can land a beneficial deal with a division one squad, however.

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