FlyQuest’s perfect LCS split spoiled by TSM

Their undefeated reign has ended.

Since overhauling their roster with some of the best players from the LCS and the LCK, FlyQuest had been looking like one of the best teams in the LCS Spring Split 2023 with an impressive 7-0 record. 

Going into today’s games, many believed that they would continue to dominate and remain undefeated. FlyQuest lost their very first game to TSM, however, surprising analysts and fans who placed TSM low on their pre-Spring Split rankings.

The beginning of the game started strong for FlyQuest as they attempted an invade but were met by the entire TSM team. While it was beginning to look hairy for both teams, Winsome was able to kill Solo and get First Blood, so it looked like an excellent start for FlyQuest.

Despite the rough start, TSM turned things around as they would group and single out enemy players to kill. And they also took advantage of every inch that FlyQuest gave them, so they could quickly take objectives and snowball the game.

Even though FlyQuest lost to TSM, they still sit in first place. And there’s a good chance they’ll remain a top team during this Spring Split. TSM are fourth on the ladder with a record of 4-4, along with CLG, Golden Guardians, and 100 Thieves. 

With four teams tied in fourth place and with FlyQuest having lost their first game, the next few weeks of the Spring Split should prove interesting as they fight to be among the top teams of the LCS Spring Split 2023.

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