FlyQuest engage on 100T’s scaling comp, earn dominant victory in 2022 LCS Summer Split

100T nearly walked away from this game without a single kill.

Following a one-week break, the LCS returned with a battle between 100 Thieves and FlyQuest, marking the halfway point of the 2022 Summer Split.

FlyQuest has jumped up to second place in the LCS after shutting down 100Ts momentum in their small win streak. The former LCS champions appeared to be afraid to initiate onto their opposition whatsoever, opting for a scaling/teamfight mixed composition that needed to reach the late-game. Yet, with FlyQuests hard engage, they never got to that point.

100T went into the match opting for a fasting Senna bot lane, giving Huhi control of Senna. At the same time, FBI piloted Yasuo, who paired very nicely with Ssumdays Gragas in the top lane, though particularly in teamfights. An early bait from FlyQuest allowed them to secure first blood onto FBI, as well as the first two drakes and Rift Herald. Yet even with the objectives on the opposing side, 100T kept the gold between the teams balanced.

Interestingly, a rather pacifistic playstyle from 100Ta juxtaposition to their normal aggressionkept them away from contesting any objectives, even when FlyQuest was about to reach soul point. Instead, 100T placed their win condition in the scaling of Abbedagge and FBI, only to get caught out by FlyQuests new top laner, Philip, laying in wait where 100T had no vision.

Nearly bursting down Huhi with two abilities afforded FlyQuest easy access to their final drake and the Ocean Soul. Due to 100Ts continued lack of vision around the map, FlyQuest complemented their Ocean Soul with a Baron buff, while 100T were still without a single kill.

Yet another teamfight initiated by Philips Sejuani and Toucouilles Lissandra froze all of 100T in place under their own turrets and let FlyQuest advance freely into the opposing base. While Aphromoo did fall while in the 100T base, 100T only grabbed hold of a single kill, unable to reach that scaling fantasy that might have brought them back into the game.

FlyQuests fifth win of the Summer Split brings them to second place in the 2022 LCS Summer Split, now tied with 100T. While the teams jungler Josedeodo told Dot Esports a few weeks ago that there was a bit of instability plaguing the team members, todays victory showcased synergy within FlyQuest from the draft phase onwards that the former LCS champions simply could not answer.

100T remain in second place in the Summer Split, though they are now tied with the team that just defeated them handily. They will compete against CLG tomorrow in their final match of the first round robin.

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