Fly says former EG roster could mostly stick together in NA for 2023 DPC season

One door closes, another one opens.

With Evil Geniuses headed for the exit out of the North American Dota 2 scene, the region’s future has been the main topic of discussion amongst fans in the last few days. Despite losing one of the most iconic organizations in Dota, it looks like NA wont be bleeding talentFly confirmed the ex-EG roster was mostly looking to stick together.

On a recent stream, Tal Fly Aizik went over the squads post-EG stance and situation, planting the seed of hope into the hearts of NA Dota 2 fans.

Since EG released the roster, itll be up to us to decide whether wed like to play with each other, Fly said. There will be changes, but the squad will be similar and well play in NA.

Highlighting that a roster release wasn’t the same as disbandment, Fly shared the squad’s plans of sticking together with minor changes.

With Cr1t also hinting that he’s planning to stay in NA, it looks like the squad will retain two of its core members. At the time of writing, Abed and Arteezy haven’t released any statements regarding their future in the region, but the latter was seen in a BLACKPINK concert in Canada, ruling out the possibility of relocation, for now.

One of the changes mentioned is likely to be Nightfall. The players had been planning on returning to his home region to team up with TORONTOTOKYO. This means Fly and co will once again be in the market for an offlaner, the only inconsistent part of the roster.

In the last couple of years, the former EG roster constantly swapped offlaners every season, only to achieve similar results. Despite performing well at home and at the start of LAN events, EG has been falling short in main event playoffs.

During the stream, Fly also mentioned the new roster would also hopefully keep their DPC slot which would save them from grinding through the open qualifiers. 

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