Florida Mutineers stay strong against Boston Breach to win 3-2 at CDL Stage 3

Boston Breach are placed in the losers' bracket after two game crashes.

The Florida Mutineers took the upper hand in the final map of the series to win 3-2 against the Boston Breach and finish 2-3 at the Stage Three qualifiers today. 

Gavautu Hardpoint was the opening match of the best-of-five series and was a slugfest between the two teams for the majority of the time. But after taking a 244-200 lead during the end stages of the map, Boston Breach threw their advantage away and allowed the Florida Mutineers to finish the map 250-248 in their favor. Despite the devastating Hardpoint loss, the Breach’s Nero had the highest KD on the map with 1.38 after dropping nearly 30 kills. 

Boston bounced back after their loss on Gavutu and turned the game around during the Bocage Search and Destroy. The two teams kept things close during the early rounds, but soon, Boston began running away with the map to win 6-3, giving Florida few opportunities to come back. Nero once again was the difference-maker after getting 14 kills and only five deaths across the nine rounds of Search and Destroy. 

Florida were quick to challenge back on Tuscan Control, where they never let off the gas throughout the map. Not only were they outplaying the Breach, but they were also out-rotating their opponents. With a 3-1 win on the Control, the Mutineers moved to match point in the series. Despite having their opponents on match point, Boston still pulled off pull the second Hardpoint on Tuscan in their favor to force the series into a round-five Search and Destroy. 

The series ended in Berlin Search and Destroy, which saw one team walking away with a 1-4 scoreline while the other walked away with two wins during the open qualifier. After a brutal back and forth, the game reached round 11 just as both TJHaLy and Capsidal’s games crashed. After the crashes, Florida clutched out the round 11 to take the series 3-2. 

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