Florida Mayhem sign Cassidy legend as their newest Overwatch content creator

He joins the Mayhem to continue his streams of hitscan expertise.

As the 2023 Overwatch League player-signing deadline approaches in March, teams across the league have slowly but surely been filling up their squads.

Aside from just players, OWL teams have also been buffing up their orgs as a whole, including administrative staff, coaches, and creators. Today, well-known Cassidy player John “Wanted” Lin was signed to the Florida Mayhem as a content creator for 2023.

Wanted is a popular streamer who has been around for years, with plenty of followers dating back to the original Overwatch. He has stayed with the game all the way through until now, even as many creators were dropping Overwatch in favor of other games as Overwatch 2’s development progressed.

Wanted now has 247,000 followers on Twitch, where he mostly plays Overwatch 2 and is known for his Cassidy-only streams, where he spends hours only playing the revolver-swinging cowboy. He has impressively been able to make the hero work even during time periods where he has fallen out of the meta.

While some teams like Seoul Infernal and Vegas Eternal are dealing with major relocations and therefore undoubtedly a variety of personnel changes to follow, other teams have had to just make minor changes to complete already well-rounded rosters.

The Florida Mayhem is a team that finished 7th-8th place in the Overwatch League playoffs last year, despite having a roster of experienced players expected to finish higher. The org has made a few changes for 2023, including the last two signings of Sung “CH0R0NG” Yoo-min and Paavo “Sauna” Ulmanen announced last week.

The team has also welcomed back head coach Jordan Gunba Graham and assistant coach Caleb McGravy McGarvey.

The Mayhem recently saw one of their big names on the social side of Overwatch, longtime content creator Flats, depart from the organization in early January.

With Flats out of the picture for the Mayhem, picking up Wanted seems like a good way to keep the org healthy and also support a streamer who is well-known in the Overwatch community.

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