‘Fix the game’: xQc demands Overwatch devs nerf 2 heroes after losing his temper

The former Overwatch pro is frustrated with the heroes.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel has demanded the Overwatch 2 devs fix the game.

The Canadian streamer asked Blizzard Entertainment to nerf Zarya and Sombra in a recent stream. He underlined that the heroes need to be removed from the game until they are “playable” since players are “literally abusing both Zarya and fucking Sombra.”


“They are fucking broken, fix the fucking game, it’s not that fucking hard, fix the game,” xQc ranted about the Overwatch 2 heroes. “How hard can it be to fix the game?”

With Overwatch 2 releasing on Oct. 4, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that some heroes are stronger than others. This will almost certainly take some time for the devs to sort out. On the other hand, it’s often impossible to perfectly balance the state of every single hero in the game.

Zarya has been boasting some impressive stats since Overwatch 2 was released. She has a 5.52 percent pick rate and 51.95 percent win rate in all competitive ranks this month, according to Overbuff.com. The only tank hero with better stats is Reinhardt, who sits at an 8.69 percent pick rate and 52.70 percent win rate.

Sombra, however, hasn’t been performing so well. She only has a 0.54 percent pick rate and the lowest win rate in the game with 46.91 percent.

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