Fivehead plays: Apex Legends players realize Loba’s character model has a fatal flaw

This is one head glitch you don't want to take.

In many first person shooters, a head glitch is usually a term used for when a player can peer just above a ledge or a lip and shoot out at someone, allowing them to fire while it can appear to their enemy that no part of them is visible behind cover. But some Apex Legends players have noticed that Loba has a problem with head glitches going the opposite way.

The issue was recently put back in the spotlight by The Gaming Merchant, an Apex YouTuber who frequently brings up minute details in the game. This time around, he focused on Loba, and specifically Lobas head. It turns out theres a whole lot of noggin up there.

As The Gaming Merchant points out, Loba has a big head. Specifically, the character model and hitbox around her head are big, leading to it sticking out from behind cover when Loba players might not expect it. This might be because of Lobas trademark braids, or it might just be a fivehead situation, but if youre not aware of it when playing Loba, it could quickly bite you.

The Gaming Merchant includes a clip of this exact interaction happening. After a Loba tries to run away from him and hide behind a box to heal, you can clearly see the top portion of her head still sticking out above the box. The Gaming Merchant sees it too and easily hits her for 100 damage with an R-301 before a frag grenade finishes the job.

In scenarios like this, its almost as if Loba players are giving their opponents a head glitch, as opposed to taking one up themselves. For whatever reason, her head just extends a bit further up than the player POV would seem to indicate.

Let this be a lesson for all you Loba mains: crouch behind cover, just in case. And if youre fighting against a Loba, just see if you can catch a glimpse of that hair peeking out above a box or a rock. You might get yourself an easy knockdown.

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