Fitzyhere and the Dream Stream Meme Team win the Twitch Rivals: Overwatch 2 Pride Celebration tournament

Over $50,000 will be given to The Trevor Project in their name.

Never say streamers cant compete with some of the Overwatch Leagues former dynamos.

Sombra specialist and Overwatch community staple Fitzyhere led his Dream Stream Meme Team to victory in the Twitch Rivals: Overwatch 2 Pride Celebration tournament on July 12. His teammates included some of the communitys biggest streamers, who took the fight straight to the tournaments other seven stacked teams.

The Overwatch 2 Pride Celebration tournament boasted a $250,000 USD prize pool, all going towards The Trevor Project, one of the largest mental health and suicide prevention organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth.

By taking first place, Fitzyhere and his team will get over $50,000 donated to The Trevor Project in their name.

The Dream Stream Meme Team was headed by Fitzyhere and his stellar Sombra play, but it also included many familiar faces for Overwatch fans. Tank specialist Emongg and support guru ml7who won the communitys MVP vote for his performancebrought serious star power and talent to the team. Toronto Defiant content creator KarQ and eclectic DPS Jay3, a former content creator for the Florida Mayhem, rounded out the streamer stack.

They managed to beat out teams full of former Overwatch League players, like Team Mendo, which included former tank pro Muma and wildly popular streamer xQc.

That said, former professionals like Muma and supera two-time Overwatch League champion who played on Team AnneMunitionopted to play their off-roles to make things a bit more fair.

Another team full of top-tier streamers, Team Eskay, faced off against Fitzyheres team in the grand final. Common sights in the top 500 leaderboards like Barcode and Warn took the fight to Fitzyheres sneaky Sombra, but most were felled by Emonggs Sigma or any of Jay3s many clutch plays. Team Eskay eventually fell to the Dream Stream Meme Team with a 0-2 score.

To be able to win the tournament and to contribute to help others is very special, Fitzyhere said, when asked what the Twitch Rivals tournament means to him. To be selected to be a captain for this tournament and to be able to win the whole thing, it feels amazing.

This was one of the first tournaments to be played on the Overwatch 2 client, currently on its second beta period, which ends on July 18.

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