First wave of PS Plus Premium tier classic games have leaked on PSN

Five games have been leaked.

Sony’s new version of PlayStation Plus is set to hit consoles on June 13 in the Americas, and some of the classic games that will be included in the tier have leaked online.

Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2, Mr. Driller, Worms World Party, and Worms Armageddon are currently the titles that have been found on the PSN’s backend by /u/the_andshrew on Reddit.

Those who subscribe to the PS Plus Premium tier are set to get up to 340 games, including a library of titles from the original PlayStation, PS2, and PSP eras. PS3 games will be available via cloud streaming, while the games from PS1, PS2, and PSP will have a download option in addition to a streaming option.

As the date for the new PS Plus tiers to hit consoles draws nearer, fans are getting antsier to find out what kind of games are going to be offered in the highest tier of PS Plus. Since there are touted to be up to 340 games, fans are just getting a small taste of what could be offered with this leak.

For those looking to get their hands on these titles without having to purchase a pricey subscription, there is no confirmation yet that these titles will be made available for purchase outside of it.

The cost for the Premium tier of PS Plus will run gamers $17.99 monthly, or $119.99 yearly, and will include everything in the tiers below it. In the Extra tier, PS Plus adds a catalog of up to 400 games from PS4 and PS5, meaning those with the Premium tier will have access to those games as well.

At time of writing, PlayStation has not officially confirmed that any of these titles will debut in the Premium tier.

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