First TFT Set 7.5 PBE patch tweaks new dragons, targets bugs

Day one of PBE testing doesn't break the game.

Testing for Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 began yesterday through the PBE servers, resulting in tweaks to new dragons and champions during the first patch. 

Scheduled to drop onto the live servers on Sept. 8 through Patch 12.17, the Dragonlands Uncharted Realms set expands upon the foundation that was established during Set Seven. Five new dragons were added for the Mid-Set update, along with a complete rework of the Dragon trait. New champions were also added through traits like Lagoon and Darkflight. And despite a large amount of new content, the first PBE patch for TFT Set 7.5 is a relatively minor one, as revealed by game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer on Twitter.

A majority of the balance changes were applied to four-cost Set 7.5 champions. Jayce received the most adjustments, getting a mana buff while taking a nerf at all three levels for his normal magic damage. The four-cost carry also had his shield duration and shapeshifted cast time reduced while getting a buff for his shapeshifted magic damage output. 

The new Lagoon dragon, Sohm, was slightly nerfed at one and two stars. Pantheon got a huge buff at three-star. Terra, the new tier-five dragon, received a minor armor and magic resistance scaling nerf at two-star. And Talyah’s spell damage was nerfed across the board. 

Notable bug fixes that players don’t have to worry about anymore include Aphelios hitting targets properly, along with Lillia. Zac’s heal will now scale with ability power, Jade statues can’t deal more damage than intended, and Hand of Justice won’t be throwing out free stats anymore. 

Players can continue to test out TFT Set 7.5 on the PBE servers for the next two weeks with the Dragonlands Uncharted Realms officially launching on Sept. 8. 

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