Final VALORANT Agent 22 teaser gives character a voice on the eve of their debut

It's getting closer.

Riot Games released a new clip today featuring VALORANT’s upcoming Agent 22 in which he speaks with Reyna on the phone with a clearly Latin American accent and shows his tattooed arm. The agent, possibly named Gekko, is set to be officially unveiled tomorrow, March 4 at 11am CT in the streamer showmatch prior to the grand finals of VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo.

“Hey yo, before you say anything, I know you got things to do, bad guys that need killing, the world needs saving, and all that stuff, but this is important, see?” Agent 22 says to Reyna, who is unclear on why he called her. Agent 22 keeps talking and says that Neon didn’t pick up his call, talking about the colors he and Reyna can wear on missions before shutting down the phone seemingly in a hurry.

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This latest clip adds more layers to Agent 22 and confirms he’s really close to Reyna. The previous teaser released yesterday, March 2 showcased Agent 22’s camera roll which contained a photo of Brimstone, Reyna, and Jett having Korean BBQ dinner. Other photos on Agent 22 smartphone showed him preparing tacos and a notebook with numerous graffiti styles of the name Gekko including some sketches of actual gekkos.

Agent 22 is one of the three agents getting added to VALORANT this year. It’s still unclear what role he’ll fulfill in the tactical shooter FPS, but Riot character producer John Goscicki said in this year’s State of the Agents video that two of the three agents will fill the initiator and sentinel roles. Most fans think Agent 22 will be an initiator based on his description.

Soon, Agent 22 will be joining the fight, bringing their own eclectic way to deal with situations, new ways to check corners, get onto locations, [and] plant the spike, Goscicki said. The battlefield can be a super stressful place. Sometimes, you just need some friends with you, chilling with you as you walk down a path to the next bomb site.

Agent 22 will be playable for the first time tomorrow at the streamer showmatch at 11am CT featuring the king of content Tarik versus Team Liquid’s content creator FRTTT ahead of the VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo grand finals.

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