Final TFT Set 7.5 PBE balance patch nerfs Nilah and several traits

Final adjustments set up 7.5 for launch.

One final Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 PBE patch dropped tonight, showcasing major nerfs applied to traits like Dragonmancer, Lagoon, and Shimmerscalealong with a much-needed nerf to Nilah. 

PBE balance changes made today will transfer over onto live servers on Sept. 8, a day later than normal due to the Labor Day holiday in North America. A few notable adjustments were made to TFT Set 7.5 champions like Nilah, a four-cost within the Lagoon and Assassin traits, along with a buff to Lux.

And several main traits were hit with nerfs, from Dragonmancer to Shimmerscale.

The Dragonlands Uncharted Realms PBE patch is the final update prior to launch, released on Twitter tonight by game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. No more changes are slated to occur until Patch 12.18 on Sept. 21, unless a B-patch is necessary.

Nilah has been a dominating terror during PBE testing, disrupting backline carrier comps due to her having the Assassin trait in conjunction with the Lagoon trait. Adjustments nerfed her spell at one and two-star while attack speed and ability power nerfs were also applied to the Lagoon trait.

A bug fix was applied to Malphite, having the Set 7.5 champion’s shield scale with ability power from the flat shield portion and not the health percentage portion, according to game designer Kent Riot Kent Wu. And after several nerfs during PBE testing, Lux is getting a slight buff to her secondary spell damage at all three stars.

The Shimmerscale trait was hit hard across the board, nerfing Crown of Champions, Mogul’s Mail, Determined Investor, Gambler’s Blade, and Draven’s Axe. Tempest was nerfed at 4/6/8. Guild was adjusted. And minor adjustments were applied to the Dragonmancer trait.

Players can test the Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 PBE changes prior to the official launch of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms on Thursday, Sept. 8 via Patch 12.17.

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