Final day of IEM Rio Legends Stage cut off by power outage at venue

The lights are out.

The last day of the Legends Stage at the IEM Rio CS:GO Major, and the last day at the Riocentro venue, has been stopped in its tracks by a massive power outage that occurred during the opening match of the day between MOUZ and ENCE.

The power has gone out at Riocentro and the team on the ground is currently working on quickly finding an immediate solution, according to an announcement from the official ESL Twitter account. The broadcast computers are down and the match between MOUZ and ENCE has stopped, however “most lights and screens” are on, according to a tweet from on-site reporter Roque Marques.

Another on-site reporter, Ryan Friend, is reporting that the lights, power, and network in the backstage area were completely down and that the MOUZ and ENCE players have mostly left their PC setups with “nothing to do at the moment.” But it appears that the Brazilian crowd is keeping themselves entertained by chanting at the various players.

ESL has already restored power and the matches and stream should resume soon.

The power outage completely took down the main streams on the ESL_CSGO Twitch channel, and several co-streamers are either attempting to switch over to the basic in-game stream for updates or are just staring at the offline screen of the official stream.

The first two stages of the IEM Rio Major have been affected by some minor technical issues, namely in the form of crashes and freezes, but nothing on this scale. The matches should resume soon once power is restored.

There are still two more best-of-three series on the schedule for today. Beginning on Thursday, Nov. 10, the event will move to the Jeunesse Arena for the Champions Stage.

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