Fiddlesticks player lands perfectly placed ultimate in ARAM for penta kill

You can't ask for a better Crowstorm.

In League of Legends, some champions with certain wombo combo ultimates need a proper setup, like Fiddlesticks. But once they do, the results are satisfying to watch.

One subreddit user posted a clip from his ARAM game, where they were playing Fiddlesticks. In it, they managed to flawlessly execute Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm (R), so that it eliminated the whole enemy team, and grabbed him a sweet penta kill as well.

The setup was nothing out of ordinary. Fiddlesticks’ team was losing at the beginning of the fight, so naturally, they started falling back to seek refugee under one of their towers. The Ancient Fear had another idea, though. They hid in one of the bushes, and patiently waited for the enemies to approach. Once they were close and grouped up, Fiddlesticks executed his ultimate, which looked too perfect to be true.

They landed it on all five opponents, fearing them as a result, so that they couldn’t escape it immediately. Once Crowstorm ended, only Draven and Nasus had a bit of health left to flee, but Fiddlesticks didn’t give them any chance to do so, and quickly finished them with other abilities. This made an opening for his team, who at the time didn’t have any of the enemy turrets taken down.

Sometimes, however, a penta kill like this still isn’t enough to tip the scale of the game toward you. Fiddlesticks and his teammates still lost the game no more than five minutes later, according to OP.GG. With a highlight like this, though, the player can be more than proud of themself.

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