Febby fallout: Pro Dota 2 player banned for accidentally showing adult nudity on stream

"Caught in the mesh."

Arkosh Gamings Dota Pro Circuit dreams were shelved for the first part of the 2023 season. While the organization’s latest squad is no longer due to internal conflicts, it has been business as usual for the team members who are also streamers.

Kim Febby Yong-min has been streaming his Dota 2 and real-life adventures at Twitch, but he was recently struck by the ban hammer due to adult nudity.

Fans of Febby might immediately find themselves wondering what stunt the professional Dota 2 player might have pulled off on stream to deserve the ban. Uncharacteristically enough, there was nothing Febby could do regarding the ban.

Febby was watching a movie prior to the ban, and there was a scene with nudity in it. Though it was unintentional, Twitch is rather strict when enforcing such rules, hence the three-day suspension for Febby.

The ban message shared by Febby on Discord states that the situation that got the Korean player suspended took place in 2001, a simple date value bug, indicating he was banned during New Years Eve.

As Febby started in 2023 with a Twitch ban, he was also the center of a North American Dota 2 drama recently. The ex-MVP player was spotted taking a cannabis edible early in the qualifiers and continued to draft questionable heroes for his teammates. His teammates at Arkosh didn’t appreciate him not putting on his game face for the DPC qualifiers, which set the stage for Arkosh’s downfall.

This resulted in Arkosh members performing poorly, and the team was eventually knocked out of the qualifiers by an unknown stack. Given the roster was considered one of the best in the running by community members, most were shocked to see them go out without a proper fight.

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