FaZe unveils The Warehouse ahead of FaZe1 series

The massive new facility is set to open with the release of FaZe's 24/7 reality show.

FaZe Clan finally gave an updated look at its new mega-facility today. The new Los Angeles space, which will function as both a headquarters and office space for FaZe, as well as the filming location for the FaZe1: The Warehouse reality series, looks to be complete.

The Warehouse, which is sponsored by GHOST, features plenty of open-plan office spaces, as well as what looks like a theater, streaming rooms, lounge areas, kitchens and bars, and what looks like multiple basketball courts both inside and outside of the facility.

Of course, while many of these things are now standard among big esports organizations that build massive facilities, like TSM and 100 Thieves, whats not standard is the 24/7 reality series that comes with The Warehouse, the FaZe1 competition. 

FaZe1 is a global challenge that gives creators a chance to join the organization as its newest member. Since January, FaZe has narrowed the field down to 20 finalists from across the globe. These 20 creators will travel to The Warehouse to compete to be the final creator standing, with the competition and the creators lives being streamed at all hours over a 15-day period. At the end of the competition, one winner will be chosen to be signed to FaZe and will also win a $1 million signing bonus, to be paid in cryptocurrency, as well as a Nissan GT-R and a $250,000 sponsorship with GHOST.

With The Warehouse seemingly complete and ready to welcome these creators, as well as FaZe employees and members, all thats left is to turn the cameras on. FaZe1: The Warehouse begins tomorrow, May 6, and will run until May 20. Viewers can watch the FaZe1 competition on FaZe’s Twitch channel.

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