FaZe Swagg confirms move to YouTube with a flashback announcement video

Swagg becomes the latest to make the move.

FaZe Clan content creator and livestreamer Swagg announced today that he is officially moving to YouTube Gaming.

Swagg began his career as a content creator in early 2017, with his stream hitting the mainstream only two years later. Gaining popularity from his Call of Duty content, Swagg joined FaZe in April 2020 and quickly rose as one of the gaming organization’s most prominent members. Boasting over 1.9 million followers on Twitch at the time of his departure, FaZe Swagg has abandoned the video livestreaming platform now in favor of YouTube.

In his announcement video, Swagg turned back the clock to revisit his past self to reflect on his career in content creation thus far. Revisiting some of his most noteworthy achievements, from joining FaZe to surprising his mother with a new car, Swagg capped off his brief announcement by confirming his official move to YouTube.

YouTube Gaming has significantly built out and expanded upon its streaming division over the past years, acquiring some of the most prolific talent in livestreaming. Recently signing the likes of Myth, LilyPichu, Sykkuno, Ludwig, and more in exclusive streaming deals, YouTube has aggressively expanded its growing roster of creators to compete with streaming goliaths such as Twitch.

Swagg marks the first FaZe streamer to have made the move off of Twitch and to YouTube. Gaining creators from a wide variety of circles across the gaming space, YouTube may look to acquire even more FaZe members in the future.

FaZe Swagg will host his first YouTube livestream on Sept. 2 on his channel, SwaggXBL.

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