FaZe Sparg0 is back in the Smash game and he has a plot to take MkLeo’s throne

Sparg0 is ready to challenge the reigning champ.

Sparg0, the second-best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player according to the rankings of PGRU, took a break early this year to take care of his mental health and has distanced himself from major tournaments save for the Smash Ultimate Summit.

But recently, hes been entering online tournaments like The Coinbox and has been reaching top-eight finishes in the events too.

Now, Sparg0 has indicated his motivation is back, declaring he wants to compete again.

Not just that, hes also going to pursue getting the number one spot away from MkLeo, which isnt far from fantasy if Sparg0 can rise back to the heights the Smash fandom has seen him hit before. Sparg0 has been heralded as the second-best player by the PGRU, the global ranking by the esports organization Panda, for some time.

MkLeo has already responded toothe world number one wrote, por fin, which means at last in Spanish. It seems Leo has also been waiting for his return.

It’s no surprise the Smash No.1 is eager to have his main challenger back either; sets between Sparg0 and Leo usually go the distance and have always been one of the highlights of the tournament. They often end up in last-hit scenarios.

Sparg0 entering the fray again spices up the current scene of Smash Ultimate.

Kurama has been getting high placements and has been endorsed by Leo as well, who recently admitted hes lowkey scared of this guy. Tweek has also returned to form with his 11-win losers run during Port Priority 7.

Sparg0 recently tweeted out hes going to Smash World Tour, which marks his comeback to competitive Smash, where he will face the players mentioned above. Will Sparg0 come back as a new player or will he struggle to adjust back to the crowds and the tournament settings after time away from competing?

The Smash world will find out during this tournament.

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