Faze Sparg0 adds another star to his Smash Ultimate comeback tour with Scuffed World Tour victory

Faze up!

Sparg0 just won his second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament after coming out of quite a long break, well and truly proving he still has it.

First in line, Sparg0 won the tournament over Tweek without dropping a single set, claiming victory in 3-1 fashion from the winners side, which means the set was finished in just four games. This grand final was a runback of Mainstage where Sparg0 also defeated Tweek.

MkLeo, widely considered the best Smash Ultimate player, didnt even reach the top three. Leo went out in fifth place after losing to Shuton (0-3) and Tweek (0-3).

This just hasn’t seemed to to be Leos tournament; he struggled in the first two sets he played, battling to 3-2 wins against Ferps and Riddles. He even had to mount a comeback against Riddles using his Marth when he was put down 0-2.

Shuton put on a show despite being seeded seventh and eventually ended up winning against the best player in the world, MKLeo, 3-0, and finishing third. He only lost to Tweek, 1-3. The Japanese players certainly showed up to this tournament, with Sparg0 even admitting he was “surprised” when he fought acola.

Elsewhere, Light finished fifth. Even though it seems like its a low placement for a top-four player, he said on stream he was already satisfied with his placement because he beat his previous placement in Ludwig Smash Invitational, which was 13th.

When Sparg0 was interviewed after he won, he said hes back on the Smash Ultimate grind, for real now, and that hes playing at a level that’s the best hes ever played.

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