FaZe pro breaks CS:GO community with cheeky sticker combination at Paris Major

Is this the best AK-47 skin of the Major?

The CS:GO community has gone wild after noticing the AK-47 FaZe Clan’s star Håvard “rain” Nygaard is using during the BLAST Paris Major on May 8. The Norwegian is repping the traditional Redline skin with the addition of FaZe, paiN Gaming, and Apeks’ team stickers, thus forming the infamous “FAP” internet slang.

The AK-47 rain is using completely even overshadowed his performance during FaZe vs. Monte in the first round of the BLAST Paris Major. Despite being the best player of the series with a 1.40 rating and 27 kills, which helped FaZe defeat Monte 16-14 and survive the upset scare, the stickers were the only thing fans were talking about.

“And his shirt number is 69, [rain is the] most mature CS:GO dad,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “The FAP-47 and the 69 jersey this man just doesnt give a shit anymore,” another fan wrote on Reddit.

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If fans wish to replicate this exact combination on the AK-47 skin of their preference, they’ll have to spend around $50 on the Steam market to buy the gold BLAST Paris Major stickers of FaZe, Apeks, and paiN. If they don’t have the budget for it, they can do it for cheap with the regular or glitter versions of the same stickers.

This is not the first time weve seen someone in the CS:GO community come up with a cheeky combination of stickers to make a pun related to sex. After Australian player Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney qualified for the IEM Katowice Major in 2019, the community was quick to assemble the “Big Dick Energy” combination, which involved BIG and NRG stickers as well.

For now, we can only imagine that the price of FaZe, Apeks, and paiN gold stickers will rise on the Steam market as others will attempt to make the same combination rain did.

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