FaZe Clan put a stop to spectacular comeback after 4 overtimes in Europe RMR

The veterans eventually reigned supreme.

FaZe Clan were the clear favorites coming into today’s game against GamerLegion in the Europe RMR A for the IEM CS:GO Rio Major. And while they pulled through in the end, it wasn’t easy for the defending champions.

Karrigan and his men needed four overtimes to close the series with 28-25. Throughout the game, every FaZe player stepped up to secure the win in the RMR. But GamerLegion still put up a valiant fight against one of the best teams in the world.

The game began with FaZe confidently grabbing 10 rounds in the first round, setting up a comfortable lead when switching to the T side. GamerLegion, however, answered back by winning the second pistol and a few following rounds, getting behind the driver’s seat with 13-12. Individual outplays from both sides led to overtime, which brought us 23 additional rounds in total.

GamerLegion’s acoR and Keoz were pivotal, often pulling off a stellar defense and winning clutch rounds. Thanks to their efforts, the squad had six map points in overtime. FaZe, though. didn’t let their guard down and always came back to pull off another additional set of rounds. In the fourth overtime, it looked like GamerLegion’s players were too exhausted to continue, since they started making simple mistakes and missing easy shots, which ultimately cost them the game.

Both teams will return to action tomorrow in another best-of-one series. Their rivals remain unknown and will be drawn once all squads play their opening matches today in Europe RMR A.

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