FaZe Clan listed olofmeister as a CS:GO substitute for BLAST—but forgot to tell him

What a blunder.

FaZe Clan is in a hurry to find a last-minute replacement for rain at 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups after the tournament organizer didn’t allow karrigan’s team to play with Kristian k0nfig Wienecke because he’s officially Heroic’s substitute.

The international team was planning to use k0nfig all along, even though the organization never listed him as a substitute. The official substitute FaZe registered for BLAST Premier Spring Groups is the veteran olofmeister, but he was never informed of this.

“I’m not playing at BLAST, I’m traveling this weekend, so I can’t go,” olofmeister said on his stream today. “I didn’t even know I was a substitute for BLAST, I think they just put me on there not really thinking, to be honest.”


Olofmeister played in FaZe for several years and at the end of his career, the organization called him to stand in on a handful of occasions. The two-time Major Champion hasn’t played a professional match since IEM Winter in December 2021, but FaZe has listed him as a substitute for multiple tournaments.

The reason why olofmeister was registered as a substitute for BLAST Premier Spring Groups is that the list is the same for BLAST Premier World Final, which took place in December 2022, according to FaZe’s star ropz.

“Some of these [substitutes] are from World Finals, including Heroics,” ropz said. “Apparently there was only a day’s notice for the submission and some didnt reach back in time. K0nfig had no idea either hes Heroics sub and hes not supposed to be. This is why it was fine until today a team(s) blocked it.”

With both k0nfig and olofmeister out of the picture, FaZe will need to find a free agent living in Denmark, where BLAST Premier Spring Groups will be played, or find a free agent that can get on a plane to Copenhagen as soon as possible. FaZe will debut in the tournament tomorrow versus Complexity at 5am CT.

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