Fans suggest CS:GO AWPer joins Evil Geniuses now that he’s a free agent

The timing of his announcement comes after CeRq left EG.

Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski has departed OG’s CS:GO team today following nearly six months on the organization’s inactive roster. He has officially entered free agency ahead of the 2023 season and some fans are already asking him to consider a move to North America to play for Evil Geniuses.

The news of mantuu leaving OG comes exactly one day after EG parted ways with one of its longest-standing members, the Bulgarian AWPer CeRq. Mantuu stayed three years with OG after he joined from ALTERNATE aTTaX and became a solid sniper. The Pole averaged a 1.13 rating last year, according to HLTV, prior to being replaced by degster in July.

Mantuu said he’ll focus on streaming until he finds a new organization to play for. The 25-year-old said in an interview with Dexerto last year that he wants to play more like an aggressive AWPer rather than being more passive like he became on OG because of Aleksib’s gameplan.

“If Im confident and happy with my playing style in the team, if the team is confident in me, if we have a lot of practice together, I have the skill to take on the best AWPers,” mantuu said in that interview. “Feel like with more variation between passiveness and aggressiveness, depending on the maps and the situations, I can take myself to the next level.”

Moving to North America to play for EG could help mantuu’s career if he helped them become a solid top-15 team in the world, but it’s unclear if that’s what he wants and if EG is actually exploring the market to find a new AWPer. The North American organization has reportedly included one of its secondary AWPers Jerric “wiz” Jiang along with two secondary riflers on the list for BLAST Premier Spring Group this month.

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