Fans discover more Muerta leaks as Valve preps the hero for release with the upcoming Dota 2 patch

The second-best part of the Lima Major.

Dota 2 fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Muerta, the game’s next hero. With a game-changing patch expected after the Lima Major, leaks about Muerta’s abilities surfaced, and some even included lore Easter eggs.

The latest findings include ofrendas, which are essentially letters from Dota 2 heroes to their loved ones. They can currently be accessed by performing a series of commands in practice matches, and some include titbits of lore knowledge that weren’t known before.

A letter from Lina to her father revealed that her and Crystal Maidens (CM) father was dead, and their father might have predicted that Lina would eventually be the end of CM.

Screengrab via Valve

Silencers letter also gives the impression that he might have also suffered a major loss that still takes a toll on him to this day.

This wasn’t the kind of silence I wanted. Come back to me.

At the time of writing, Dota 2 fans were able to uncover 25 letters. They seem to be connected to an in-game event that looks similar to the Nemesis Assassin event from 2014. That time, players who had Phantom Assassin on their team would receive contracts to take out a certain enemy hero, and Muerta could also have something similar, but her targets could drop one final letter for their friends and family. 

Given Muerta’s connection with the dead, more parts of the Dota 2 lore could be uncovered via voice lines and other in-game interactions. While DOTA: Dragon’s Blood does an excellent job explaining the past of select heroes, there are still many in the game with foggy pasts.

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