Fan-favorite Halo game mode returns alongside other changes in Infinite update

Grenade nerfs and new game modes coming in May.

In a blog post on May 5, developer 343 Industries unveiled a returning game mode, some game mode changes, and a whole range of balance updates that will be coming to Halo Infinite on May 10.

Halo Infinites newest game mode will be Super Fiesta, a game type that many fans will recognize from Halo 5: Guardians. As explained in the 343 blog post, this is similar to the usual Fiesta game modea 4v4 Slayer variant with randomized weaponsexcept the unique weapon variants and equipment only available in the Halo Infinite campaign will be a part of the random pool.

As well as this, changes are coming to the classic King of the Hill game mode. The Hill will now spawn five seconds after the round starts rather than 15 seconds after. Plus, players will start scoring on the Hill as soon as they step inside it and stop scoring when they leave, removing the delay before capturing or losing the site.

Image via 343 Industries

This is designed to make the decision to hop in and out of a Hill more impactful, as now if a player leaves the site to avoid a grenade, for example, theyll lose the Hill, stop capturing points, and their opponents will be able to see theyve left the site.

The Disruptor pistol has been altered to reduce its complexity. It will have its rate of fire increased from 4.285 to five rounds per second and damage increased from 60 to 70. In exchange, it will no longer do any damage over time, and the range of its chain damage has been halved. This makes it a much more conventional weapon.

Spike Grenades are being adjusted to be closer to that of Halo 3s equivalent, as they were dealing high damage but not requiring much precision. When the grenades explode, the number of spikes ejected off the grenade to deal damage has been halved, will travel less distance, and deal half the damage over a smaller range.

A similar slate of changes has come to Dynamo Grenades to also decrease their range to force more thoughtful placement. The Shock damage, area of effect, and chain distance have been decreased while the movement stun while shocked has been removed. In exchange, they now take less time to arm and will have more damage pulses more often.

Image via 343 Industries

Finally, the Shroud Screen will only have one charge when picked up in ranked mode to reduce the total impact Shroud Screen was having for high skilled players.

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Outside of the major gameplay changes, there are also some quality-of-life changes coming to Halo Infinite in the May update. As well as several bug fixes, the Halo Infinite main menu has been changed to require fewer clicks to get to the custom browser and to various matchmaking playlists. Furthermore, players can now buy prior seasons bundles from the customization menu rather than just the shop page. 

All these changes will come on May 10, halfway through the ongoing Site Unseen event, which runs until May 16.

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