Fan-favorite Apex Legends game mode is coming to mobile, but not PC

No word yet on whether it will come to the base game.

Apex Legends Mobile‘s Aftershow update is bringing Solos to the gamebut it isn’t coming to the PC and console version of Apex Legends.

Alpha Intel spotted the new mode in the Aftershow patch notes, which went live today. Mobile players will be able to play Solos as a seemingly permanent mode, at least during the duration of Aftershow. The brief description says players will be able to drop into maps by themselves and face off against other single players to fight for first place.

This isn’t the first time Mobile players have received a game mode that the base game doesn’t have. At the beginning of season two, known as Distortion, two new modes called Gun Game and Hack were added to the game. Gun Game ended up coming to the base game as Gun Run, but Hack has remained mobile-exclusive.

Players have been asking for a solo mode to return since it was first featured as an LTM. In an email Q&A in June, Apex design director Evan Nikolich said he believes a solos-only mode doesn’t “have a future in Apex at this time.” While the team is looking to make solo queue better in the base game, the design team appears to be focusing on team-based modes for the time being.

On the flip side, a solo mode’s appearance in Mobile has some fans wondering whether the mode will indeed return to the base game. Fans have been angry about its exclusion in the time since, and developer Respawn Entertainment appears to be playing fast and loose with its “mobile first” policy for certain content, meaning it’s not impossible Solos could make a triumphant return sometime in the future.

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