Fan creates League of Legends Wrapped summarizing your ranked season

Your League season in retrospective.

Although the train with Wrapped features has left the station with the merriest season of the year, a League of Legends fan created a site summarizing your ranked season.

Named after Spotifys end-of-the-year feature Wrapped, League Wrapped allows you to see how much time you spent playing ranked games this season, comparing it to how many kilometers you could have run, books read, and movies watched in that time.

You can also see your final rank for season 12 as well as your win rate, server and world ranking, and all players with whom you spent the most time trying to climb. 

To see your ranked performance in season 12, youll need to click on the link above, enter your Summoner Name, choose your server, and then click on the Create video button. Once you can see your League season in retrospect, you can choose to share it with your friends or even download it by clicking the Render button at the bottom of your screen. 

This fan-made feature is ingenious and all ranked players will definitely take delight in seeing their stats in the previous season. It would be amazing if Riot itself designed a similar client feature that would allow you to see even more stats like your most-played champions, champions with the highest and lowest win rates, total amount of CS-ed minions, and other similar stats. On top of that, Riot could customize League Wrapped with additional features like clips of your highlights, outplays, and teamfights.

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