Familiar faces and an IGL? Here are the top-rated players from the Omega bracket at VCT LOCK//IN

EMEA on top.

There’s an imposter among us with an in-game leader breaking into the top ten list of VALORANT players from the Omega bracket at VCT LOCK//IN. 

Natus Vincere in-game leader ANGE1, who will lead his team to a semi-final face-off against Fnatic in a few days, is the eighth-rated player from the Omega bracket, according to data collected by VLR.gg and published by willminder on Twitter

NaVi teammate Shao leads the way with a 1.45 rating, which is pretty unsurprising considering hes arguably the best flex player in the world. Fnatic player Leo, who they picked up during the offseason, follows as a close second with a 1.37 rating. 

Derke and cNed, used to topping the rating charts at international events, have to settle for fourth and fifth place respectively. Derke is slightly above with a 1.3 rating while cNed boasts a 1.27. 

Two players make the list outside of Fnatic and NaVi, the teams that secured qualification for the semi-finals. Theres one player from FURIA and Leviatán, respectively. No guesses as to who makes the list. 

Both Shyy and mwzera have had solid individual performances with Shyy just above ANGE1 at 1.22 while mwzera rocks a 1.26. Unfortunately, both teams had their tournament runs cut short with Leviatán falling to NaVi while FURIA lost to Fnatic. 

Fnatic is set to face off against NaVi in the semi-final of VCT LOCK//IN on March 3.

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