Fame’s heroics push Outsiders to the Legends Stage of CS:GO Rio Major

A superb showing from the young gun.

After pure domination of Overpass and a hard-fought battle on Mirage, Outsiders defeated Fnatic today to advance to the Legends Stage of the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022.

The matchup was tough to predict since both teams present a similar level on paper. Nevertheless, Outsiders demolished Fnatic on Overpass with a 16-1 victory, and later on, fame’s individual prowess was a crucial factor for them to secure Mirage 16-14.

Throughout the whole series, fame boasted the best stats, with 46 kills and 29 deaths, according to HLTV. The player did more than just record fantastic statistics, however. On Mirage, where he accumulated an eye-watering 33 kills, he was pivotal in securing important trades and winning clutches. In round 26, he pulled off a one-vs-two play on the A side in an admirable fashion, finishing mezii and going for the duel with nicodoz instead of just playing for time, showcasing his confidence.

Mirage was an even battle, but Overpass was a much more one-sided affair. Fnatic couldn’t break Outsiders’ defense on either of the sides, allowing them to boast a perfect first half. They clawed back the second pistol round, but it was all she wrote for the European team.

On Overpass, though, Fnatic were once again haunted by freezing issues. In the sixth round, all their players were frozen in a three-vs-three post-plant scenario, which made it an easy win for Outsiders. The round, however, was replayed, with Outsiders coming out on top either way.

With that result, Outsiders become the fourth Challengers Stage team to qualify for the Legends Stage of the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022. The other teams that have done so are BIG, Bad News Eagles, and MOUZ. Fnatic, on the other hand, drop to 2-2, where they will have one more shot at qualifying tomorrow.

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