FalleN to help with O PLANO’s boot camp expenses in Europe

The godfather of Brazilian Counter-Strike will assist the team led by his former teammate kNgV-.

Two-time CS:GO Major champion Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo will donate R$10,000 (approximately $2000) to help the fellow Brazilian players of O PLANO to afford their boot camp in Europe ahead of IEM Rio Major Americas Regional Major Ranking (RMR) in October.

The in-game leader of Imperial had raised R$1200 via his live streams to donate to Ex-Gaimin Gladiators for the same purpose, but the North American players will no longer need FalleN’s help because they signed with Nouns Esports on Sept. 15.

With that in mind, FalleN has decided to donate the money he raised to O PLANO along with his earnings from ESL Challenger Melbourne, a $100,000 CS:GO tournament in which Imperial finished second place this month.

“[Ex-Gaimin Gladiators] found an organization and yesterday I saw that O PLANO were facing the same difficulties,” FalleN said. “There’s nothing fairer than transferring the donation to them. I’ll donate my earnings from Australia plus what I raised in my live streams.”

O PLANO is a Brazilian organization founded by its CS:GO star Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe. The team didn’t have enough resources to pay for the European boot camp on their own. KNgV- said O PLANO needed R$50,000 (approximately $9,600) in donations to help with the expenses and FalleN’s help was decisive to reach that goal.

O PLANO will travel to Belgrade, Serbia, and boot camp at Relog Media’s facilities from Sept. 19 to Oct. 2. This should give them enough time to prepare for the Americas RMR, which will run from Oct. 5 to 9 in Stockholm, Sweden. There are six IEM Rio Major spots up for grabs, and they’ll compete against FalleN’s Imperial, Team Liquid, FURIA, and Complexity among other teams.

FalleN, who played with kNgV- in MIBR between 2019 and 2020, has made donations like these in the past. He contributed to the traveling expenses of Argentinian CS:GO team No Tenemos Nada in 2016 and helped the Brazilian Dota 2 team SG to pay for their boot camp in Europe in 2017 ahead of the Kiev Major.

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