FalleN says roster changes are underway in Imperial

The Brazilian team will reportedly have at least one new face in 2023.

FalleN, the captain and AWPer of Imperial’s CS:GO team, admitted on his latest Twitch stream that “there will be some changes” to the team soon, following reports and rumors that date back to 2022.

Fer, one of the founding members of the original Imperial lineup, is set to depart the roster, leaving one spot vacant, according to a report by HLTV’s Brazilian vertical Dust 2 Brasil. It’s unclear whether the back-to-back CS:GO Major champion in 2016 will retire or simply take another break from competition, but Imperial is in advanced talks with MIBR to sign the rifler Jhonatan “JOTA” Willian, according to Dust 2 Brasil.

“There will be more announcements regarding the team,” FalleN told his fans on stream. “We will have some changes, as you guys know, it isn’t something new. When the time comes for me to talk, I will talk.”


The usage of “changes” instead of simply “change” left the Brazilian fans of Imperial wondering if there will be additional roster changes on top of the reported move of JOTA joining in place of fer.

It’s unclear at the moment if Imperial is planning to make more roster changes and it could simply mean that the former player and current head coach fnx is effectively leaving the team. The back-to-back Major champion in 2016 also revealed his intention to not remain as a coach at the end of December 2022 and hinted that a new organization is underway.

Imperial will look to show some improvements at the beginning of 2023 after they were knocked out early from the IEM Rio Major in November. The Brazilian team led by FalleN haven’t played a tournament since then.

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