FalleN hints at his plans for CS:GO next year

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Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo could be competing professionally in CS:GO next year after all.

The Brazilian player explained on Feb. 20’s Flow Podcast that there’s a possibility he could continue competing next year. Instead of competing in Brazil, though, there’s a chance he’ll play in the North American region. This would suit his personal life, making him rethink the goals he set for himself in the past.


“Today, particularly, I think the following: if I’m going to play next year if that world exists, it’s going to be in a world where I live in the United States because of all these things in my life that were directed there,” FalleN said according to a translation from via Dust2.us. He explained his girlfriend will be working there and that he would personally like to live in the country. If he does end up competing next year, he will “have to be based in the United States.”

The 31-year-old also revealed he’s even had discussions with his current team, Imperial Esports, about transferring to the region. “We even talked about us [Imperial] going there. VINI has a desire to live there because his girlfriend has a father and mother there, so there is a world of moving,” FalleN said. That being said, he underlined this idea is “a long way off,” and he could join another team from the region instead.

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Despite potentially competing next year, FalleN said he hasn’t decided yet. After the end of Imperial’s run at the IEM Rio Major in 2022, FalleN claimed he was planning to compete for one more year, meaning he would end his career in 2023.

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