Fall Guys Twitch plugin allows streamers to create private shows

Fall Guys extends a branch to streamers.

The Fall Guys developers have created an extension for Twitch streamers that will grant creators the ability to organize private shows or larger competitions with their community, the game’s official Twitter account announced today.

The new Fall Guys plugin will allow Twitch streamers to create either single lobbies or tournament-style events with community-specific leaderboards to track results. This feature will also allow creators to filter registrations for Twitch followers only, restricting participants to viewers of the stream.

The plugin’s extension page says that streamers are responsible for sharing all the information of the event with players, including schedule, format, points system, and registration restrictions if required. Fall Guys also notes that for the leaderboard to appear, each lobby will require at least one admin to retrieve scoring.

Fall Guys’ new Twitch plugin will seek to integrate community events into the game like never before. Prior to the release of this extension, streamers could only create private lobbies and show the room code to chat. While effective, the streamer had no control over who could join the lobby nor any accurate means of tracking points.

Across Twitch, Fall Guys has seen an incredible resurgence shortly after the release of the latest season. Seemingly more popular than ever, Fall Guys is boasting over 50 million players in only two weeks, according to the game’s Twitter account. On Twitch, Fall Guys has accumulated over 34 million hours watched and has become one of the fastest-growing categories on the platform, according to Stream Charts.

Off the back of several major streamer-led competitions and Twitch events, Fall Guys has seen viewership only rivaled by the battle royale’s initial release. With the official debut of the new Twitch plugin, streamers should be able to propel the game’s ubiquity even further.

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