Faker predicts who will win the LCK 2023 Spring Split—and it’s not who you’d think

One team stood tall above the rest.

At the 2023 LCK Media Day, a handful of superstar League of Legends players gathered to face the media to answer some pressing questions before the start of the new season.

One of the first and biggest questions posed to the room of pros was simple: “Which team will win the split?”

After a moment, the group, who were not allowed to choose their own team, pointed at the team they believed would capture the title and then explain their choice to the media present.

Many players, including Hanwha Life Esports’ jungler Clid, KT Rolster’s support Lehends, and DRX’s top laner Rascal, all said that Dplus KIA would be the strongest contender for the throne this season, due to their powerful roster, their vast array of experience, and the team’s knowledgeable coaching staff.

It also helps that DK acquired former DRX AD carry Deft, fresh off his triumphant underdog victory at the 2022 World Championship. With a talented marksman joining the powerhouse mid-jungle duo of Canyon and ShowMaker, it’s no secret why so many players voted for them when the time came.

There were a few outliers, though. Gen.G veteran jungler Peanut and DK superstar mid laner ShowMaker looked at T1 as the leading squad for the Spring Split. One important reason for their choices was that the organization didn’t make any changes to the roster through the offseason, which means that the team already has very strong synergy heading into the new year.

The only player to name a team that wasn’t T1 or DK was the greatest of all time, Faker. The 26-year-old icon surprised people by naming Gen.G, although he didn’t go into any detail as to why he chose the team.

Gen.G might have weakened a tad after losing star AD carry veteran Ruler to free agency, but the org still has Peanut and Chovy, who are two of the best players in the league at their position. Ruler’s absence does mean they and the rest of their teammates will need to pick up the slack this split.

The 2023 LCK Spring Split will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

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